My Experience with Microblading

Mar 8, 2018 | Fashion, Fashion Experience, Life Fashion

I, probably like most of you over plucked or over waxed my eyebrows early on. A mistake we would all live to regret.  My eyebrows weren’t bad before I decided to get them microbladed, but I was definitely going for the thicker brow look.  I had 2 different consultations, and after seeing both girls, I decided on one and took the terrifying step and made the appointment.  I was terrified. I mean this was my face that could potentially be ruined.  BUT, I went to a very respectable place with a great reputation, and let’s be honest, I had also been heavily IG stalking the girl that would be microblading my eyebrows to check her work. The cost was around $650, then $100 approximately 6 weeks later to get your touch up appointment.

The day of the appointment I wanted to puke I was so nervous.  I kept finding every excuse to cancel it.  I had an upcoming trip to New York, and of course was blaming the humidity there as to why this appointment just couldn’t happen. Nonetheless, I went in, got it done, and was OBSESSED!  She had done such a great job.  I couldn’t stop staring at my eyebrows the first week after they were done.

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The next steps were to wait 4-6 weeks and then come back for a touch-up.  Well, by week 3 I couldn’t get there quick enough.  My eyebrows had faded a lot (which they said was to be expected), and the tips (end of my brow) didn’t look the same color as the front, they were much lighter.  I assume that most people wouldn’t notice, but I definitely did.

On touchup day, after she was done, I was once again in love with my eyebrows, only to be disappointed again a few weeks later for the same reason as before.  They had faded A LOT.
I made an appointment to go back in for a third time for a touch up to see if we could get them to stay as dark as when they were first done, and unfortunately, they just never stayed dark and I was still having to fill them in.

So, in closing I would STILL RECOMMEND doing it if you want the thicker brow look. I just warn you that if you have darker skin/hair like I do I’m not sure if they will actually stay dark. I am sure all skin types are different, so maybe some skin types take better than others, but my experience was they fade a lot after the first few weeks.

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