Our Adoption Story

My husband’s wish was that my first son, Cash, would have been his biological child. He has always said that, and never in a manner of disrespect to Cash´s biological father.

Why I Love These New Hair Extensions

Some of you have asked me if I wear hair extensions. And I did after I gave birth because I lost quite a bit of hair in the process.


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How I Went From a Starbucks Barista to Business Owner

How I Went From a Starbucks Barista to Business Owner

Tall, venti or grande? Those three magical words carried me through my college career.

I must say, I loved my days working at Starbucks. It’s a great company to work for, you get to smell the nice aromas of coffee all day long, it’s a cozy atmosphere, and I got to meet some cool people along the way.

It was a great college job because the hours were flexible and never too long, so it gave me the opportunity to focus on my studies. And sometimes, when it was extra slow, I could sneak in some study time on the job (mums the word).

Right out of college I moved to Seattle and took a Manager in Training job at Abercrombie & Fitch (I know, so all-American, but I still love their denim jackets and flip flops! I worked my way up to General Manager and moved to San Francisco where I lived with one of my best friends for a couple of years.

Now, if you’ve ever been to SF, you know how expensive it is! One of the best cities in the US, and they know it. They are relentless with their housing prices. So needless to say, I was super broke during this time.

I remember literally digging through my Jeep Wrangler one night, hoping to find some change to get some McDonalds for dinner. And I assure you that I pulled up to the drive-thru in my nice car, dressed to the nines. Priorities weren’t exactly my asset at the time. But I look back on those moments fondly, because it helped teach me how to survive.

I then interviewed to be a District Manager for A&F, but shortly after, I came back to Washington. I wanted a change and a chance to really use my skill set.

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My Story

My Story

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by Sicilia City Style, a place to share and inspire. I’m Beth, and yes, I’m Italian! My grandparents immigrated to a farm town in Washington all the way from Italy.  I come from one of those loud, crazy Italian families who cooked big, spaghetti dinners together every Sunday. It’s definitely one of those things I now look back on and am so thankful for.

I’m #4 of 5 kids, inheriting the darker skin and hair from the southern part of Italy, while my siblings inherited the lighter skin and blonde hair from the north. My husband is half Filipino, yet, I’m a mom to 3 little blonde boys. Genetics are funny that way.  And I can’t leave out our other family member, Bella, our pudgy English bulldog. She’s everything you’d expect from an English bulldog…she snores really loud, loves to do absolutely nothing, and doesn’t always smell great.  We’ve had her since she was 9 weeks old, and absolutely adore her.

I run my own Marketing and Consulting Agency in Seattle, which I really enjoy. When I’m not managing my business or running around chasing my boys (hubby included), I find myself obsessing over fashion. I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a little girl! I would (like a lot of little girls) find myself trying on my mom’s clothes and high heels, while sneaking her make-up, staying in front of the mirror for hours trying to put it on.  My family always used to tease me and say that if I were starving, I’d spend my last dollar on clothes, rather than food. They were probably right.

So it’s time for me to share my obsession with you.

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