From Slightly Stalkerish to My Husband All in 8 Months

Feb 22, 2018 | Life Fashion

From Slightly stalkerish to My Husband All in 8 Months

No, I didn´t marry a stalker. My husband, Patrick, truly is the best man I´ve ever met, and that´s saying A LOT because I have an incredible father and brother.

But, my husband did have some creepy-like behavior when we first met…well, at least I saw it that way back then.

In 2012, my 3-year-old (Cash) and I moved to Seattle, where I had received a promotion at the local CBS television station. One of my new clients was a home improvement company, and the owner of that company was Patrick´s father.

One day I had to pick up some marketing material from the company, and my client, Patrick´s father, was out of town. Patrick was there instead. And I have to admit, I was taken aback at how attractive he was. BUT, that quickly went away after he started speaking. He was extremely arrogant and went out of his way to make my requests more difficult (He would later tell me that he was making sure to put me in my place as he too thought I was maybe a little arrogant). I was mentoring a girl at the time who would later become a great friend of mine (I digress). I remember saying to her as we were leaving how irritating he was, although really good looking.

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A few days later, I received a text from Patrick. The text was supposed to be ¨business-related,¨ although we had no business to take care of at the time… And he continued to text me a few times after that. Um, I honestly couldn’t decide whether he was a total creep or if I liked him….? Have I mentioned how handsome he was?! So little by little, we started talking on the phone….

For close to two months straight we did nothing but talk and the phone and text nonstop throughout the day. I remember one night on the phone telling him we needed to actually go out in order to see what we were dealing with…would we even have any chemistry? Would I like dating a client’s son or would it be too weird?? So….we scheduled our first date.

As you may remember, I´m a huge football fan. The day of my first date with Patrick, I was at a football game with some friends, and Patrick picked me up in the parking lot of the stadium. I was in jeans, Chuck Taylor´s, and a WSU sweatshirt. I wasn´t exactly going for the I want to impress him look. But I didn´t care! I thought the guy was cute, but I didn´t have high expectations (sorry honey, you know how much I love you now!) He never lets me live down the fact that I couldn’t have tried any less on our first date. He did all the right things, opened up my door, told me I looked beautiful, and all the things we hope for on a first date.

We pull up to this big, beautiful yacht (and me, proudly in my football attire), which his dad owns. We get on the boat, where I find a bottle of my favorite champagne and blueberry cheesecake. I couldn´t believe it. I don´t even remember when I mentioned how much I love blueberry cheesecake, but Patrick remembered. We sat on a blanket in the front of the boat, with our champagne and cheesecake, while the captain took us around Lake Union. It was one of those surreal, perfect moments in life.

At the end of the date I felt completely connected to Patrick. We had clicked. And from there on out, it was he and I.

Two months later Patrick planned a weekend in Chicago so we could watch my Chicago Bears play the Seattle Seahawks at Soldier Field. Patrick likes to say he’s a Seahawks fan, but I never let him forget I’m the true, die-hard football fan! The Bears were supposed to win the game, they were favored to win that game, in fact the Seahawks had yet to win a road game that season.. But they lost. And I was a devastated.

And it almost ruined the rest of the night. We got back to the hotel room and I was so upset. I couldn´t believe the Bears had lost. Patrick was sitting on the bed, quiet, and acting a little strange. He seemed a bit preoccupied, and clearly had something on his mind.

Then he starts talking to me, fumbling with his words. What? Spit it out! I say. He smiles and nods his head, telling me that only I would complicate his marriage proposal. The poor guy even dropped the ring, because he was so nervous.

Exactly 8 months after our first date on the yacht, we were married.

While I’m a major extravert, alpha female, and have always been told I need more of a filter before I speak, my husband is patient, reserved, and intentional in everything he says and does. He’s the most genuine and best human being I have ever known.

I went from being the girl that never wanted to get married….why would I? I could do it all alone, right? In fact I already was…heck, I could even have a child on my own. To then, being with him, and for the first time feeling like it was not only ok to have someone next to me, I was also internally longing for nothing more than just him for the rest of my life.

My only wish was to speed up the whole rest of my life part?!

He was the first person I had ever known that understood me. And he was 100% in love with what he understood. He was my person. And I knew that from our first date (I know, it’s almost vomit worthy). He was the true definition of how people describe the term soulmate.

I had great relationships with plenty of people along the way, (some better than others of course), but Patrick understood my mind and could speak to my soul. And to have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy, one I had never felt before.

I never thought that I needed a man. But our love and our bond is something I can’t imagine ever living without.

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