The True Meaning of Tribe

The True Meaning of Tribe

We all want connection, don’t we?

As humans, we’re a social species wired for community and belonging. All throughout ancient history we lived in villages. We were part of tribes. We relied and were dependent on each other.

Back then, this all depended on the family you were born into, your culture, history, and language. And most of this still holds true today.

Except that today, in our modern world, we have more choices. We have more opportunities. We have greater access to different experiences and to different people. These factors play a big role in shaping our values, and how we grow, according to these values.
And how lucky are we to be able to have these choices?

At the same time, this luck often comes with a price. Maybe we shift and drift apart from those who were once close.

And sometimes the price is even bigger….and means judgement from those who are supposed to be our people. Sometimes it means jealousy. And criticism. So we find ourselves, in a circle we once trusted and relied on, to a circle that brings us down.

Do you know the quote, “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” ? Crazy, right? I mean, if that’s true, the people part of your circle, tribe, or whatever you want to call it, have a significant influence in your life.

It’s hard to step back, and reevaluate our tribes. Some members have been there our whole lives. But the reality is, as we get older and grow, our values become stronger, and the only way we can truly thrive is by having a tribe in support of our growth. People who say, “I got your back.” People who understand us.