My Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

My Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have hair extensions? 

No, I don’t have them in anymore. I had hair extensions after I had my first child because I lost so much hair. I then kept them in through my second baby boy, but I finally took them out about three years ago and have LOVED the freedom of having no hair extensions! Don’t get me wrong, they were awesome, but the maintenance was too much for me.

Do you have eyelash extensions?

No, I used to have these as well. I got eyelash extensions about six years ago when it was first blowing up, and I did not have a very good experience. My eyes ended up getting completely swollen and I lost almost all of my real lashes. I have been so scared ever since to try it again. I also use an AMAZING mascara so I feel like I don’t need them.

What is my diet?

I actually have a pretty high in fat diet, but eat very few carbs. If you’re familiar with the Ketogenic diet, it is most similar to that, however not as strict. I’m going to write a blog about what a week of my eating looks like, so stay tuned!

Do I workout?

Not really. I did BBG last year before my Hawaii trip, but I honestly never made it past week 13! My plan is to start again, but I just haven’t yet. I eat really well for the most part, so that’s how I stay fit! Plus, I have 3 little boys with quite a lot of energy to chase after every day!

Why did I start blogging?

Honestly, I followed a lot of really amazing Blogger’s, and I would always look and think I could do this too, but then quite honestly was too scared to jump in. I was worried that it was too saturated of a space, and I wouldn’t be successful. But then, with the support of my husband and a few close friends I took the risk and jumped right in! I have a degree
in Broadcast Journalism, and I have always loved to write, so I though combining my love to write and fashion was a no brainer. I wrote a blog about this here.