From Slightly Stalkerish to My Husband All in 8 Months

From Slightly Stalkerish to My Husband All in 8 Months

From Slightly stalkerish to My Husband All in 8 Months

No, I didn´t marry a stalker. My husband, Patrick, truly is the best man I´ve ever met, and that´s saying A LOT because I have an incredible father and brother.

But, my husband did have some creepy-like behavior when we first met…well, at least I saw it that way back then.

In 2012, my 3-year-old (Cash) and I moved to Seattle, where I had received a promotion at the local CBS television station. One of my new clients was a home improvement company, and the owner of that company was Patrick´s father.

One day I had to pick up some marketing material from the company, and my client, Patrick´s father, was out of town. Patrick was there instead. And I have to admit, I was taken aback at how attractive he was. BUT, that quickly went away after he started speaking. He was extremely arrogant and went out of his way to make my requests more difficult (He would later tell me that he was making sure to put me in my place as he too thought I was maybe a little arrogant). I was mentoring a girl at the time who would later become a great friend of mine (I digress). I remember saying to her as we were leaving how irritating he was, although really good looking.