Why I Love These New Hair Extensions

May 3, 2018 | Life Fashion

Some of you have asked me if I wear hair extensions. And I did after I gave birth because I lost quite a bit of hair in the process.

But honestly, extensions can often wreak havoc on your hair, and it was so much work and maintenance! I couldn’t keep up. So I stopped using them altogether.

Until now. A new company has recently asked me to try their clip-in extensions, free of charge, if I can give them an honest review. Ok, why not? If you’re like me, I’m always down to make my hair fuller for a night out.

And you guys, I’m so impressed by this company called Lavishly She Is Beauty. So I felt compelled to write a blog post about it to share this with all of you!

First of all, they have a QUALITY product. They use Remy human hair, which is top-of-the-line hair because they preserve the hair’s cuticles, making the extensions look more natural.

The extensions are double drawn, not stringy like other clip-in extensions, so the hair is thick and falls nicely.

But even before I discovered these gorgeous locks, I was already impressed by the packaging. A sleek, black box with silver details and lettering. I mean, I felt so boujee! And inside, the hair comes in a black, velvet bag with the same silver lettering. So right away, you feel pampered with such an elegant presentation. I’ve only seen clip-in extensions sold in plastic cases, making them look cheap. But these guys, on the other hand, are pure elegance.

Inside the box you´ll also find a hanger for the extensions, and a protective bag you can hang them in. So much better than stuffing them in your bathroom drawer (and perfect for traveling)!

They offer a hair serum that I’ve fallen in love with. It´s a blend of argan oil, vitamin E and plant extracts, so it´s super moisturizing and keeps your hair and extensions soft. And the argan oil doesn’t make the hair look greasy like other oils sometimes do.

And what has impressed me the most with Lavishly She Is, is the customer service. Like I’ve said, you feel like you’ve received a special gift when you have the packaging in front of you. A valued customer. What they include in the box is a sample hair extension (also in a soft, little black velvet bag), to make sure the color matches your hair. They have every color under the sun, taking into account all of their possible clients, and want to make sure that they’ve given you the perfect match.

And if you go on the website and read this girl’s story, you can appreciate the product so much more. This is a girl who was wearing hair extensions for years, but could never find the hair she wanted to wear. She spent years, spending so much money on different kinds of extensions, only to feel disappointed and ripped-off, over and over again.

So she created the hair she always wanted for herself. And then has offered that hair to all of us. And you can feel that. You can feel that this brand truly wants to give us something we love, and something that makes us feel beautiful.

If you’d like to know more, please leave a comment! I’d love to see this brand succeed because they make an amazing product, and they are here to serve and satisfy their customers.

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